Why The Battery is the Best Park in NYC

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The Battery: Manhattan Island’s Iconic Public Park

The Battery, formerly known as Battery Park, is a public park located at the southern tip of New York City’s Financial District. Named after the artillery battery used to protect Manhattan’s early settlement in the 17th century, The Battery is considered one of the best parks in New York. The park has a lot of notable features, making it a popular destination for both New York residents and tourists. Take a few minutes to read about the park, and see why you should take the time to visit it in the near future.

Ferry to New York’s Iconic Landmarks

Statue of Liberty
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One of the highlights of The Battery is the ferry service that operates there. The ferry allows people to travel out to two of New York’s most iconic landmarks: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These landmarks are integral to New York’s history, and The Battery’s ferry service is one of the easiest ways to visit them.

Daily ferries are offered by State Cruises, so you do not have to worry about missing out on a trip. If you would like to purchase ferry tickets, you can purchase them online, or you can buy them in-person at the Castle Clinton National Monument.

SeaGlass Carousel

Seaglass Carousel
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The SeaGlass Carousel is one of The Battery’s most well-known attractions. The carousel itself was designed to recall the history of the New York Aquarium, which used to stand in The Battery’s Castle Garden back in 1896. The aquatic–themed carousel is a unique specimen, since it does not use a center pole like most carousels.

Instead, patrons sit inside thirty fish-themed seats that rise and swirl around inside the attraction’s dome. This is meant to replicate the weightless movement of real fish, giving the attraction a unique feel that cannot be found anywhere else. If you have a birthday party coming up you can purchase a party package so you can give everyone in your group the chance to ride the carousel together.

Monument Walk

Korean War Memorial
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The historical monuments are another things that make The Battery so unique. More than 20 significant monuments can be found in the park, and each one commemorates an important part of United States history.

One notable monument is the New York Korean War Veterans Memorial, which features a cutout of a soldier to honor the soldiers who served in the Korean War that took place in the early 1950’s. The Immigrants is another important monument, because it represents diversity and the struggles immigrants faced to reach America. These are just a couple of the notable monuments you can find at The Battery.

The Battery’s Bikeway

Battery Bikeway
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If you enjoy biking, you will be pleased to know that The Battery has its own bike path. Known as the Battery Bikeway, this 31-mile waterfront bicycle path cycles around Manhattan, giving you the chance to tour the surrounding area.

The path is surrounded by gardens that contain a variety of shrubs and trees that were gathered together by Piet Oudolf, a famous Dutch garden designer. The collection of plants helps offer visual variety, so people are not just staring at asphalt roads all day. If you want to take a break from your bike ride, you can stop for lunch at any of the outdoor cafes found along the path.

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