The History of Post Towers

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Was Post Towers Ever Home to the New York Post?

The answer to this question is yes. Post Towers became an apartment community in 1999; before that, it was a commercial building that served as the headquarters for The New York Post and The Bank of New York. Like many other places within the Financial District, Post Towers has a unique history. Learn more below.

Who Built 75 West Street?

Horace Trumbauer Headshot

Architect Horace Trumbauer (pictured above) built 75 West Street in 1926. He opened up his own architectural firm in 1890 and would build mansions throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs. In New York City, Trumbauer also built The John R. Drexel Mansion and the James B. Duke Mansion on the Upper East Side.

Outside of New York City, notable works include most of the main campus at Duke University, the Philadelphia Museum of Art (designed by Trumbauer’s firm), The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia, and the Harvard University library. Curbed has put together a map of just some of Horace Trumbauer’s work if you’re interested in learning more.

New York Post & Bank of New York Headquarters

Post Towers Exterior Shot

Then called The New York Evening Post, the newspaper moved from 20 Vessey Street to 75 West Street once the building opened in 1926. The Post switched its name from The New York Evening Post to The New York Post, and also took on its modern layout and content direction. The Post would then move to 210 South Street in 1970 after the New York Journal American shuttered. The Bank of New York also held 75 West Street as a headquarters from 1970 to 1996.

A Transition to Apartment Rentals

Elevators at 75 West Street New York, NY

When the Bank of New York moved out in 1996, Skyline Developers saw it as an opportunity to transform the building into 206 apartments. The building was renamed “Post Towers” and would eventually become a National Historic Landmark in 2000.

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