Services That Will Save NYC Apartment Renters Time

July 14, 2017   /    Apartment Living Tips , Resources for NYC Renters   /    Comments Off on Services That Will Save NYC Apartment Renters Time

Living in New York City can be a busy and exciting experience. No matter where you go, you are within minutes of public transportation, a vast array of shops, fun nightclubs and bars, and a number of eateries. While New Yorkers have limitless options to choose from, they often lead very busy lives and are short on time. Fortunately, there are convenient and cost-effective services available to make your life easier.

The Best Services For Your NYC Apartment Rental


Slices of Pizza

Are you hungry but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Consider logging onto the Seamless website or using the Seamless app to order delicious food that will be delivered straight to you. With Seamless, you can order online, check out menus from a multitude of restaurants, read informative reviews, and save money with the latest discounts. Did you order something before and want to try it again? Seamless saves your past orders so you can reorder at any time.

AmazonFresh Grocery

Basket of Raspberries

With AmazonFresh Grocery, you can choose from over a thousand food options online and have them delivered to your home whenever you like. From fresh fruit to frozen foods to deli meat, AmazonFresh has high-quality choices available to customers and provides same-day delivery. Do you have any special dietary preferences or restrictions? AmazonFresh caters to the needs of customers by featuring food that is gluten-free, vegan, or organic. Do you like specific brands such as Tyson or Chobani? AmazonFresh has over hundreds of brands to choose from.


Shirts on Hangars

Don’t have time to do the laundry? Do you have an article of clothing that requires the special treatment? FlyCleaners is a convenient laundering service that picks up, cleans, and delivers your clothing directly to your home (within 20 minutes). Open seven days a week, FlyCleaners orders can be managed right from the app where you can track your order, view order history, communicate with customer service, and give valuable feedback. For all orders over $30, FlyCleaners provides free pick-up and drop-off.


Uber App

Want to spend a night on the town? Do you need a ride somewhere? Uber is a transportation company that provides customers with an inexpensive travel option. With the Uber app, customers can request an immediate pick-up, pay with a card, and leave an anonymous review. Would you like something a little more upscale and luxurious? Uber offers an elegant black car or SUV perfect for any occasion. Uber also has introduced a new option in NYC called UberPool where you can hop in with three or four other passengers, for sometimes less than an NYC subway fare.