NYC Move in Do's and Don’ts

NYC Move in Do’s and Don’ts

April 30, 2017   /    Apartment Living Tips   /    Comments Off on NYC Move in Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve been searching for apartments for rent in NYC for quite some time, and finally have signed the lease! Now comes time for you to move in. While moving in to any apartment can be stressful, moving into a city apartment can be daunting if you’re new to Manhattan. We compiled some helpful do’s and don’ts leading up to your move-in date.

Move in to Your NYC Apartment Successfully

Do Give Plenty of Notice

We’re excited to welcome you, but want to make sure you have the best move in experience possible. If you haven’t signed your lease yet, please let us know what dates would work best for you to move in. We’ll be able to work with your schedule better if we get plenty of notice for your move in date.

Don’t Lookup Your Route at the Last Minute!

Weight limits on highways.

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If you plan on driving a moving van, you may not be able to take the roads that your GPS suggests due to weight limits. If your origin is within the Tri-State Area, don’t be afraid to ask the place you rent your truck from about any weight limits on your route.

Do Bring Friends & Family!

If you’re looking to save money by not hiring a moving company, ensure that you have plenty of company to help you move in. Ask about five or six people if they are available to help you move into your apartment, and you may have some time to figure out how you will decorate your apartment or may be able to reposition items should you find they aren’t laid out like you want them to be.

Don’t Park in Illegal Spaces

No Parking Sign NYC

Parking is tough to find NYC. Before you leave your car or truck in a specific spot, ensure that there is no yellow or red paint around curbs, no stopping or standing signs around your spot, and ensure that there are no fire hydrants. If you’re not familiar with NYC’s parking rules, outlines the meanings of specific signs.

Do Consider What You’ll Be Bringing

If this is the first time you’re moving within the city, this is something you’ll need to consider. Look at everything you have in your current home or apartment and figure out whether or not you have used it in the past six months. If you haven’t, then sell it, donate it, or throw it out.

It’s also a good idea to reserve a day for giving your apartment a deep clean, and taking measurements of all rooms and doorframes. This will give you an idea of what you can fit, and what will need to be left behind.

Don’t Forget to Take A Deep Breath


Like Matthew Broderick said in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast.” This is especially true in New York City, and it may catch you off guard if you’re not used to it. After you’re settled in, take some time and treat yourself! Whether you live in the Financial District or the East Village, there’s so much to see and do around your apartment. Take advantage of all that’s around you when you first move in, and you may just fall in love with New York!

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