Get to Know Your Neighbors At Your NYC Apartment Rental

Get to Know Your Neighbors At Your NYC Apartment Rental

April 15, 2017   /    Apartment Living Tips   /    Comments Off on Get to Know Your Neighbors At Your NYC Apartment Rental

Within your apartment community, you probably have one or two neighbors on both sides of you. While everyone deserves to have his or her own privacy, sometimes your neighbor might be able to help you. Whether you’re new to one of our communities, or are just looking to become more social within your community, here’s some advice on how to get along with your neighbors, and maybe break the ice.

How to Get Along With Your Neighbors

Step 1: Introduce Yourself

Say Hi to Neighbors

Don’t be afraid to say hi to your neighbors, especially if they come from the apartment next door or are on your floor. Simply smiling and saying hello when you’re moving in can open up doors to a new friendship. You never know when your neighbor could help you with an issue your having, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself!

Step 2: Be Considerate

This is another step that is pretty simple to follow. If you have guests over, ensure that there are not too many people in your apartment. Also, be considerate about the volume of your TV or music. If you have young children or have pets, let your neighbor know what they can expect noise wise. Giving them a heads up will lead to a much better relationship with your neighbor.

Step 3: Meet Your Neighbors in Common Spaces

Courtyard at 194 East Second Street

Some of our NYC luxury apartment communities feature a lobby or clubhouse space where you can meet with others. If you don’t feel comfortable with having guests over or entering their apartment just yet, this is still a great way to get to know your neighbors. During warm weather months, the courtyard at 194 East Second Street (pictured above) is an especially popular gathering spot for residents.

Step 4: Be Courteous to New Residents

This goes back to step one where you should say hello to your neighbors! When your neighbors move in, ask them if they need any help and let them know where you live if they need anything. You can also give them a welcome present of baked goods or invite them over for coffee if you wish!