Famous Movie Scenes Filmed in NYC

Famous Movie Scenes Filmed in NYC

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Famous singer and songwriter, Ryan Adams said: “When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing like I’m in a movie.” Over the years, millions of movies have been and continue to be filmed in New York City. Whether it is a romantic comedy, a thriller, or a tragedy, these iconic films continue to highlight the best aspects of New York City.

Famous Film Spots in NYC

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Movie Filmed At: Katz’s Deli (East Village)

In When Harry Met Sally, the titular characters, Harry Burns (played by Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (played by Meg Ryan) sit together at Katz’s Deli and have a very heated conversation about men and women. Sally chides Harry about his treatment of women and the comical scene ends when she draws the attention of the entire deli. Not only was it featured in When Harry Met Sally, but it appears in films such as Across the Universe and Enchanted.

Founded in 1888, Katz’s Deli is a popular establishment that offers sandwiches, platters, and meats, and is visited by thousands each week. It’s only a five-minute walk from 194 East Second Street.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters 2 logo inside FDNY Ladder 8 Fire Station

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Movie Filmed At: Firehouse, Hook & Ladder 8 (Lower Manhattan)

Ghostbusters I and Ghostbusters 2 were filmed throughout various neighborhoods of the city, but their headquarters were located just outside of the Financial District at the corner of Varick Street and North Moore Street. This FDNY firehouse was used in the original set of films, and even has it’s own LEGO set and has been featured in various video games. Hook and Ladder 8 was also featured in Hitch (2005) and on the Seinfeld episode “ The Secret Code.” When the 2016 re-boot was in production, the headquarters scenes were filmed in Boston. You can tour the firehouse the On Location Tours’ NYC TV & Movie Tour.

Men in Black (1997)

Movie Filmed At: 504 Battery Drive & Battery Park (Financial District)

FiDi played host to numerous scenes of this blockbuster film starring Tommy Lee Jones as “Agent Kay” and Will Smith as “Agent Jay.” Based off a comic book, the film follows Kay and Jay as a flying saucer crashes into the earth, and stop an alien that’s part of the “bug” race from terrorizing New York City. Their headquarters in the film is located at 504 Battery Drive, and is actually a ventilation building for the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Just down the street is Battery Park, where Kay says “I’ll give you to sunrise to think it over” when discussing the future of human existence and whether or not to fight the aliens. Both places are a short walk from 37 Wall Street.

National Treasure (2004)

Trinity Church Exterior From Wall St.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Movie Filmed At: Trinity Church (Financial District)

One of the defining scenes of this movie was filmed inside of Trinity Church on Wall Street, just steps away from Post Towers. Benjamin Franklin Gates (played by Nicolas Cage) goes on a hunt to various places, including, Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia in NYC in search of a war chest that was hidden by the Founding Fathers during the Revolutionary War. Towards the end of the movie, Gates and the rest of his crew descend into the depths of Trinity Church in search of the treasure. Whether or not they find it… you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Big Daddy (1999)

Movie Filmed At: Christopher Street-Sheridan Square (Greenwich Village)

In the 1999 comedy film Big Daddy, Sonny Koufax (played by Adam Sandler) is a 32-year-old immature slacker who is going nowhere in life. When he finds five-year-old Julian McGrath (played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse) in his apartment, Sonny doesn’t exactly know what to do. He is told that Julian’s mother died of cancer and that his biological father is Sonny’s best friend, Kevin Gerrity who just left for China. In one scene, Sonny is with Julian and Sonny’s friends, Phil and Tommy. Sonny shows his friends that he has his own way of raising Julian (where he lets the boy do whatever he wants), calling it a “new school of child raising”. In the comical scene, Julian whacks Phil with a plank, showcases his spitting skills, and insists upon eating 30 packets of ketchup, which Sonny encourages.