5 Ways to Make an NYC Winter Enjoyable

December 12, 2016   /    Things to Do in NYC   /    Comments Off on 5 Ways to Make an NYC Winter Enjoyable

Despite what your neighbors might say, winter can be a surprisingly enjoyable time to live in New York. As tempting as it might be to hang around your apartment and order in Seamless, winter is one of the best times to explore how beautiful NYC can actually be. Here are some helpful tips and activities to help you fight your cabin fever.

Winter Tips for Any NYC Resident

1) Invest in Sturdy Boots & A Warm Coat

Invest in Sturdy Boots & A Warm Coat

According to the National Weather Service, Central Park receives approximately 25 inches of snow every winter. For shoes, look for sturdy, waterproof boots that offer strong traction. Be careful of icy spots on sidewalks and stairs, especially near crosswalks and subway entrances. To stay dry, wear wool socks underneath your boots or shoes. For coats, consider looking for one with a synthetic outer layer that offers rooms for other layers underneath them. This will allow you take off and put on layers as needed. If the weather outside is frightful, going on a shopping spree can also help you kill some time

2) Walk Through A Winter Wonderland

Walk Through A Winter Wonderland

Scenes like the one pictured above are one of the positives about winter in New York. If safe to do so after a snowstorm, go around your block for a walk, or visit your local park. Gaze at all of the snow-covered buildings and trees before it turns into slush. If you’re in the East Village, Tompkins Square Park is a great spot to build a snowman or just enjoy the scenery.

3) Explore New Cultures

Explore New Cultures

Need something to do when the weather isn’t so great? You can always try a new type of cuisine or explore new cultures without leaving the city! Try some authentic Caribbean food in Jackson Heights, or try Australian cuisine in Nolita’s Little Australia. During February, Chinatown and Flushing celebrate the Lunar New Year, with Chinese craft markets, a parade featuring elaborate dragons, and more.

4) Dine Out During Restaurant Week

Dine Out During Restaurant Week

Enjoy some of New York’s greatest restaurants during NYC Restaurant Week. Many restaurants throughout various neighborhoods of the city offer a three-course prix-fixe menu, along with specials Monday through Friday. Reservations are recommended if you plan on visiting somewhere participating in Restaurant Week.

5) Find Green Spaces

Find Green Spaces
Source: Instagram (@brooklynbotanic)

If you’re looking to see some green landscapes, you don’t have to book a plane ticket to a warmer destination. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is open year round and features five indoor conservatories. The Warm Temperate pavilion features trees, shrubs, vines, bulbs, and ground covers from the Mediterranean basin of Europe, South Africa, Australia, and western coastal regions of North and South America.

The tropical pavilion is another place to check out, featuring many plants from the Amazon basin and tropical parts of Asia.

The Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History is a yearly exhibit that remains open from December to May, and features over 500 adult butterflies from various regions of the world. You’ll also find greenery and tropical flowers inside the conservatory, which is kept at 80 degrees.